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PallConsult is funded by Queensland Health and has been designed to boost the ability of local healthcare teams to deliver patient-centred palliative care, especially in rural and remote parts of the State.

Queensland Health is committed to improving health services for Queenslanders in areas of need. One such area is community-based end-of-life care, especially in rural and remote parts of the state. PallConsult has been designed to boost the ability of local healthcare teams to deliver patient-centred palliative care.

PallConsult is part of a larger Queensland Health initiative aiming to enhance delivery of community-based palliative care services with the use of telehealth resources and tailored vocational education. PallConsult will enable people in the last year of their life to access the right care, at the right time and in the setting of their choice. This PDF iconfactsheet explains more about PallConsult.

About us

The aim of PallConsult is for Metro South Palliative Care Service specialists to outreach and build capacity across Queensland for community-based clinicians to provide quality care for people approaching end of life and wishing to remain at home.

Services include:

  • 24/7 hotline for doctors and nurse practitioners to directly access a palliative care medical consultant
  • 24/7 hotline for nursing and allied health staff to access specialist palliative care staff
  • Medical consultant backup palliative care advice for Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics and the Royal Flying Doctors Service
  • Education and mentoring sessions for community and residential aged-care facility staff.


Niki Syringe PumpNIKI T34, T34 and BodyGuard T syringe pump
A learning package for health professionals on how to safely set up, commence and provide necessary documentation for the NIKI T34, T34 and BodyGuard T syringe pump for use in palliative care clinical settings - community, residential aged care and inpatient. 


Palliative care resources, tools and education
This document allows GPs, nurses and personal care workers to easily locate relevant resources, tools and education relating to palliative and end-of-life care.



The Surefuser infusion device
A suite of resources has been developed for health professionals to learn how to set up, commence and monitor a Surefuser infusion device for use in the palliative care setting.


A project working with community pharmacists to ensure Residential Aged Care Facility residents and all other community-based palliative care patients have timely access to palliative care medicines, if needed.



More information

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Managing a home death

Medicine and symptom management

Patient and carer

Useful forms

Voluntary Assisted Dying

Last updated 7 March 2023
Last reviewed 9 February 2023