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Occupational Therapy

at Eight Mile Plains Satellite Hospital

Occupational Therapists are health professionals trained to assist people of all ages to overcome factors which limit their ability to function in their chosen "occupational roles" and detract from their quality of life.

Injury or illness, psychological or emotional difficulties developmental delay or the effects of ageing can cause these limiting factors. We work in partnership with our clients to optimise their functioning and quality of life. We work with people across their lifespan.

We provides comprehensive assessment and treatment of inpatients and outpatients in order to maximise their independence and enhance patient function and safety. This inlcudes:

  • assessment and training of personal and domestic activities of daily living for inpatient and outpatients
  • upper limb and hand function therapy
  • fabrication and prescription of splints
  • compression therapy including prescription of garments
  • prescription of assistive devices and equipment
  • cognitive and perceptual therapy
  • home assessment and recommendations for home modifications
  • community access retraining including driving assessment and rehabilitation
  • work assessment and work hardening
  • education programs including education in areas such as relaxation, energy conservation, work simplification and leisure.
Last updated 22 May 2024
Last reviewed 14 November 2023