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Medical Assessment and Planning Unit (MAPU)

The Medical Assessment and Planning Unit (MAPU) provides multidisciplinary assessment, care and treatment of acutely ill medical patients, with a predicted length of stay of 48-72 hours. The ward is comprised of 30 beds, incorporating 12 monitored beds for the admission of patients presenting with chest pain, syncope, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation or other disorders that may require short term monitoring.

MAPU provides specialist physician assessment, review and evaluation of patients at the beginning of the hospital care pathway with expert coordination to discharge, linking the acute setting to support services in the community through a single point of access.

Patient groups admitted to MAPU include low urgency, high complexity patients such as undifferentiated medical patients with multiple comorbidities who are identified at triage via a screening process as not being critically ill but who need assessment and treatment. Our patients are therefore primarily adult medical patients who are haemodynamically stable and whose presentation does not mandate immediate admission to a specialised area such as Coronary Care Unit, Respiratory High Dependency Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Dialysis Unit, Oncology wards, isolated infectious diseases, mental health or surgical wards.

The motivated team of doctors, nurses, and allied health staff (including physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists and speech pathologists) work together to deliver a high standard of holistic patient care.

Active training programs and ongoing quality improvement activities contribute to advancement in care delivery and continuing staff development. Combining innovative clinical practice and a supportive learning environment encourages and ensures that we consistently promote excellence in patient and family care.

Contact us

Please call the PAH Switchboard on (07) 3176 2111 and ask to be transferred to MAPU.

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Last updated 28 August 2019
Last reviewed 28 August 2019