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Logan Adolescent Day Program

at Addiction and Mental Health Services

The Logan Adolescent Day Program (LADP) provides support for young people coping with mental health concerns, which have significantly impacted their ability to access or function at school.

Day Programs ensure Queensland’s young people have access to highly specialised healthcare and educational services in a community setting.

Day programs aim to reduce the severity of mental health symptoms, improve functioning and life skills, re-engage young people with their education and promote community participation.  
Young people from 13 years up to 18 years of age can attend the program:


  • Will attend up to five days per week 
  • Will receive education and mental health services in the one place
  • Remain living at home, and engaged in their local community
  • Can attend the program for up to two full school terms

Staff members work together with young people and their families, carers and other support networks, to assist young people in their recovery.
The LADP is run as a partnership between staff from Metro South Child & Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) and staff from Department of Education to offer an integrated education and mental health treatment service. 

Who can access this service?

Young people coming to LADP need to meet both  mental health and education eligibility criteria, including:

  • are aged 13-18 years
  • have received CYMHS interventions but still experiencing complex mental health difficulties and/or functioning difficulties 
  • will be able to remain safe for themselves and others in the day program setting
  • are currently enrolled, or eligible to enrol, in a public school
  • want to continue or re-start their education
  • want to attend the LADP.

Family/Carer involvement

LADP provides family-centred support and interventions for families and carers through our Carer Peer Worker and all team members.  Partnering with families and carers to meet the needs of the whole family, is an important part of successfully supporting the young people at the program.

Information for health professionals

For more information, speak with your CYMHS or other mental health clinician, who can then contact the LADP team for information or to request the LADP Referral Form.
Referrals are considered under a collaborative intake process involving the young person, their family, LADP mental health and education staff, and the referrer.
After receiving the completed Referral Form, LADP staff can confirm eligibility and will then contact the referrer and family to arrange an on-site suitability assessment.  This enables the young person and their family/carers to see the service, learn more about LADP, and discuss how their needs might be met by attending LADP.  LADP staff can also consider how the young person’s needs may fit with the current consumers in the program.
The collaborative intake panel can then consider all information to determine the outcome of the referral and will contact both the family and referrer to discuss this.
CYMHS teams can contact the LADP team to discuss possible referrals or make other enquiries, either by phone or email.

Last updated 19 July 2022
Last reviewed 19 July 2022