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Colonoscopy and Endoscopy

Preparing for your colonoscopy or endoscopy videos

View these colonoscopy and endoscopy educational videos to learn more about the procedures. It is important that you follow the instructions given by the Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Services team as your circumstances may be different from the general information supplied in these videos.

Your consent to a colonoscopy or endoscopy

Consent is important whether you are having an examination or an operation. We go through what you need to know about the consent process.

What is a colonoscopy?

We explain what a colonoscopy is and what is involved. Patients tell their story about preparing for the procedure and their time in hospital.

What might be found during a colonoscopy or endoscopy?

We explain what we will look for during your procedure and what happens if we find anything that needs treatment.

Preparing for your colonoscopy?

We talk you through the process of preparing for your examination and what you need to know for your shopping list, including the thigns you can and can't eat and drink in the lead-up to your procedure.

Preparing for your endoscopy

Hear from paients who are having endoscopies about what it's like and how they feel.

About your colonoscopy or endoscopy procedure (a message for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people)

We have people on our team to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable when you visit hospital.

The Colonoscopy: What you need to know fact sheet also provides useful information on each step of the colonoscopy procedure. It discusses each stage from referral to discussion of the colonoscopy results.

For more information, refer to Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Last updated 28 February 2023
Last reviewed 28 February 2023