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Key messages

  • PowerTrials is the integrated electronic Medical Record (ieMR) research support module, which combines all patients’ medical records.
  • The progressive roll-out of ieMR systems across Metro South Health facilities is currently underway.
  • It’s important to consider the ieMR and PowerTrials when developing a research question as this will particularly affect the research governance process, including additional considerations related to the PowerTrials Research Support Module (i.e. Protocol Office Manager and Patient Protocol Manger).
  • PowerTrials is a reliable repository for Participant Information and Consent Forms (PICFs) and Research Protocols.
  • PowerTrials has been integrated with the ethical clearance and research governance authorisation process to create one complete package for researchers (ie at the time of ethical clearance the Metro South Health PowerTrials Support Office will be notified and support and assistance can be provided).

The Princess Alexandra Hospital is a fully digitalised hospital with all patients’ medical records now available in an electronic format. PowerTrials is the ieMR research support module that was released in March 2017. Consequently, all research activities that involve Metro South Health Hospital patients and their medical records are to be conducted via PowerTrials. The ieMR is progressively being rolled out across all Metro South Health facilities. Please click here for more information regarding the Digital Hospital.

Please see PowerTrials - Electronic Medical Record Research Support Module Procedure (PDF, 201.15 KB) for more information.

PowerTrials build

Only research projects with Metro South Health research governance approval will be built into the PowerTrials ieMR system. With the appropriate ethical approval, researchers may utilise the ieMR system to determine which patients may be suitable for a research project, and liaise directly with the clinicians who are caring for those patients.

All research projects occurring within Metro South Health that require patient consent must complete at least a ‘build’ in PowerTrials. Researchers are encouraged to consult with the Metro South Health PowerTrials Support Office via email to ascertain if a ‘build’ is required.


Contact the Metro South Health PowerTrials Support Office.

PowerTrials support

On request from the clinician or researcher and with sufficient notice Metro South Health PowerTrials Support Office may be able to provide one-on-one support to utilise the PowerTrials system. Please contact the Metro South Health PowerTrials Support Office to discuss further.

Last updated 29 April 2020
Last reviewed 17 May 2018