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Research grants administration

Metro South Health facilitates internal and external research grants administration services through its role as a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) research administering institution for any research grants on which Metro South Health is the administering institution. This includes providing advice and support in relation to:

  • research grant application development and submission
  • accepting and managing research grants
  • reporting requirements
  • varying or transferring research grants.

Metro South Health must be involved in the research grants administration process if it is proposed for Metro South Health to be identified as the grant administering institution. Read more about the Metro South Health Research Support Scheme (RSS) and external research grants.

Metro South Health review, authorisation and certification

The review, authorisation and certification process is aimed at ensuring compliance with Metro South Health corporate requirements and application guidelines (i.e. it is not a review of the quality of the research or application). Researchers must utilise GAF1 Grant Payment Request Form.


During the review process the Metro South Health Research Support Coordinator and Grants Administration Office will ensure:

  • The ethical clearance and research governance authorisation is related to the research described in the research grants application
  • Research grant funds are only spent on sponsoring/funding entity/organisation approved items
  • That expenditure only occurs in the research granting period


Clinicians, researchers, research student supervisors and Principal Investigators (PIs) must ensure all relevant requirements have been met or are being met to enable the research project to commence noting in particular the Ethical and Scientific Review of Human Research Procedure (PDF, 413.65 KB) and Research Governance (Site Specific Assessment) Procedure. (PDF, 370.43 KB)


Official research grants must be certified by Metro South Health. This certification is provided by the Metro South Health Research Support Coordinator and Grants Administration Office, supported by the signatures of the research grant recipient and the delegate.

Last updated 18 May 2018
Last reviewed 17 May 2018