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Accessing material from a research biorepository

Researchers can contact the Principal Investigator or Laboratory Manager of the research tissue bank, biobank, tumour bank and human biological material collection directly to discuss processes for accessing samples.

For Cancer Collaborative Biobank samples (haematological malignancies e.g. leukaemia and lymphoma), please see their web page.

For more information please contact the Centres for Health Research on (07) 3443 8055 or contact the research biorepository directly:

Research biorepositoryLaboratory managerPrincipal investigator
Cancer Collaborative Biobank (CCB) - Haematological Malignancies e.g. Leukaemia and LymphomaMegan Ellis
Ph: 3176 5853

Paula Marlton
Ph: 3176 6577

Head and Neck CancersN/A

Ben Panizza
Ph: 3176 5266

Skin Cancer and Melanoma Research (Phenotypically Characterised Equivocal Melanocytic Proliferations)N/A

Peter Soyer
Ph: 3343 8017

Oesophageal, Gastric and Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST) Biomarkers Tissue/Blood Banking

Michael Gartside
Ph: 3343 8025

Andrew Barbour
Ph: 3176 5621

Melanoma and Soft Tissue BiobankMichael Gartside
Ph: 3343 8025
Andrew Barbour
Ph: 3176 5621
Queensland Brain Tumour Bank

Wesley Hospital
Ph: 07 3721 1542

Sarah Olson
Ph: 3176 6949

Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders BiobankN/A

Gerald Holtmann
Ph: 3176 7792

Kidney Cancer BiobankGlenda Gobe

Simon Wood
Ph: 3176 6946

Lymphoma Biomarkers ResearchN/A

Maher Gandhi
Ph: 3443 8026

Last updated 3 April 2017
Last reviewed 3 April 2017