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Policies and procedures

Research management compliance framework

TopicTitleDocument ID
PolicyResearch Management Policy (PDF, 183.74 KB)PL2017/55
Compliance Framework Procedure (PDF, 234.5 KB)PR2017/112
Ethical and Scientific Review of Human Research Procedure (PDF, 413.65 KB)PR2017/113
Specific Human and Animal Ethical and Scientific Review Requirements Procedure (PDF, 219.59 KB)PR2017/114
Biospecimen Ethics and Participant Information and Consent Form Procedure (PDF, 344.61 KB)PR2017/115
Research Governance (Site Specific Assessment) Procedure (PDF, 370.43 KB)PR2017/116
Research Governance (Monitoring) Procedure (PDF, 220.94 KB)PR2017/117
PowerTrials - Electronic Medical Record Research Support Module Procedure (PDF, 201.15 KB)PR2017/118


Research Grants Administration Procedure (PDF, 423.69 KB)PR2017/119
Metro South Health Research Support Scheme (RSS) Procedure (PDF, 265.23 KB)PR2017/120
Research Funding, Budgets and Infrastructure Support Procedure (PDF, 312.76 KB)PR2017/121
Research Contracts and Study Execution Procedure (PDF, 275.48 KB)PR2017/122
Research Fees Procedure (PDF, 203.26 KB)PR2017/123
Research Complaints and Misconduct Procedure (PDF, 481.46 KB)PR2017/124
Research Data Integrity and Information Procedure (PDF, 278.59 KB)PR2017/125
Quality Framework and Reporting Procedure (PDF, 299.82 KB)PR2017/126
Research Integrity Procedure (PDF, 268.87 KB)PR2018/176

Biorepositories governance framework

TopicTitleDocument ID
PolicyResearch Biorepositories Policy (PDF, 188.71 KB)PL2017/53
Governance, Oversight and Management Procedure (PDF, 348.67 KB)PR2017/98
Strategic Oversight Committee and Compliance Procedure (PDF, 307.86 KB)PR2017/99
Establishment of a Research Biorepository Procedure (PDF, 346.18 KB)PR2017/100
Operational Arrangements Procedure (PDF, 371.75 KB)PR2017/101


Acquisition, Attainment and Recruitment Procedure (PDF, 292.29 KB)PR2017/102
Facility, Equipment, Storage and Security Procedure (PDF, 307.92 KB)PR2017/103
Collection, Processing, Handling and Retrieval Procedure (PDF, 397.88 KB)PR2017/104
Disposal, Lab/Fridge Merge and Closure Procedure (PDF, 256.49 KB)PR2017/105
Access and Applications for Samples Procedure (PDF, 329.36 KB)PR2017/106
Material Transfer Agreements, Packaging and Shipping Procedure (PDF, 367.05 KB)PR2017/107
QualityEmergency Preparedness and Work Health and Safety Procedure (PDF, 279.29 KB)PR2017/108
Databases, Tracking, Records and Documentation Procedure (PDF, 414.96 KB)PR2017/109
Quality Management System (Assurance and Control) Procedure (PDF, 296.67 KB)PR2017/110
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Procedure (PDF, 310.87 KB)PR2017/111
Last updated 8 May 2020
Last reviewed 17 May 2018