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Research integrity

The community and those responsible for funding research, expect research to be conducted responsibly, ethically and with integrity. To facilitate this confidence, Metro South Health employees involved in research must be aware of and abide by the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018 (‘the Code’).

Research Integrity

The research integrity poster has been developed as a guide when undertaking research to help you understand the code for the responsible conduct of research and how it applies to you. 

The Code

Metro South Research Integrity Advisors

  • Metro South Research Integrity Advisors are able to advise an employee, member of the community or a participant who is unsure about a research conduct issue and may be considering whether to make an allegation or a complaint about research.
  • The Research Integrity Advisor will explain the options open to the person considering, making, or having made an allegation. These options include:
    • referring the matter directly to the person against whom the allegation is being made
    • not proceeding or withdrawing the allegation if discussion resolves the concerns
    • referring the allegation to a person in a supervisory capacity for resolution at the local or departmental level
    • making an allegation of research misconduct in writing to the Metro South Research Designated Person.
    • The Research Integrity Advisor does not extend to investigation or assessment of the allegation.

Designated Person

  • In accordance with the Code responsibilities of the Designated Person has been allocated to an appropriate officer within Metro South Health.
  • View the contact details of the Research Integrity Advisor/s and Designated Person in Metro South Health.
  • Please see the Research Integrity Procedure for more information.
Last updated 28 October 2020
Last reviewed 22 July 2020