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Research integrity

MSH is committed to conducting research:

  • that aids in the translation of new and innovative research into improved patient outcomes and best quality clinical care, in support of the MSH Research Strategy 2021-2024 and
  • with integrity, respect for participants, and in compliance with ethical and legislative standards.

Australian Code of the Responsible Conduct of Research


Metro South Research Policy

The Research Policy outlines principles and expectations in conducting research within MSH, or in collaboration with external entities, through three key accountabilities – research excellence, research support and research administration.

MSH upholds policy principles through the implementation of procedures, work instructions, guidelines, and protocols and in turn aims to embed research excellence through education and capability development.

Research integrity is a vital element of the principles which underpin research excellence in MSH.

Research integrity procedures


The below three online research integrity modules have been developed in support of the first focus area of the Research Excellence and Capabity Framework (PDF, 367.67 KB) and have been designed to target capabilities typically applicable to the following categories of researchers: novice, early and mid-career and experienced researchers.

Online education 

If you are already logged into MSHLearn please click the links below and you will be directed to the relevant course for registration:

If you are not already logged into MSHLearn please click here and search for 'Research integrity' in the 'Catalogue search' bar.

Research Integrity Advisors


  • Metro South Research Integrity Advisors are able to advise an employee, member of the community or a participant who is unsure about a research conduct issue and may be considering whether to make an allegation or a complaint about research.
  • The Research Integrity Advisor will explain the options open to the person considering, making, or having made an allegation. These options include:
    • referring the matter directly to the person against whom the allegation is being made
    • not proceeding or withdrawing the allegation if discussion resolves the concerns
    • referring the allegation to a person in a supervisory capacity for resolution at the local or departmental level
    • making an allegation of research misconduct in writing to the Metro South Research Designated Office/r.
    • The Research Integrity Advisor does not extend to investigation or assessment of the allegation.

Designated Office/r

Research Integrity Advisor Network

Research Integrity

The research integrity poster has been developed as a guide when undertaking research to help you understand the code for the responsible conduct of research and how it applies to you. 

Last updated 16 March 2023
Last reviewed 16 March 2023