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Digital research support module - PowerTrials

MSH is digitalised with patients’ medical records now available in electronic format. Please click here for more information regarding the Digital Hospital (internal link). MSH researchers have access to the integrated electronic Medical Record (ieMR) research support module – PowerTrials.

What is PowerTrials?

PowerTrials is clinical trial management system that includes a reliable repository for study documents including researh protocols and Participant Information and Consent Forms (PICFs).

Metro South Research Governance approved interventional studies that have impact on clinical delivery are required to use the PowerTrials solution in ieMR to ensure visibility of interventional study activity in real time within the patients’ medical record.

Who can help me with PowerTrials?

One-on-one support is available from the Metro South Research office on the utilisation of PowerTrials and research activity in the ieMR. We can:

  • assist with your PowerTrials builds and queries
  • assist with addressing all other queries surrounding all aspects of research activity in the digital space including but not limited to:
    • recruitment
    • ieMR security for research purposes
    • digital documentation and record keeping reporting on research activity in the clinical area

Refer to the following documents for more information: 

Please email Metro South Research to request assistance.

PowerTrials usage, data and access considerations

All Metro South researchers with access to the ieMR in concert with their relevant professional stream, will have access to the digital research support module (PowerTrials).  Non-MSH research personnel will need to delegate ieMR activity to MSH employed research members.

Requests for data extracts can be submitted through the Metro South Health Data Hub (internal link).

For further information regarding access to the ieMR for study monitoring purposes, please contact your sites relevant Health Information Management Services (HIMS) team:

Last updated 19 December 2023
Last reviewed 19 December 2023