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Research integrity

The Metro South Health Research Integrity Advisor is able to advise a member of the community or a participant who is unsure about a research conduct issue and may be considering whether to make an allegation or a complaint about research.

The Research Integrity Advisor will explain the options open to the person considering, making, or having made an allegation. These options include:

  • referring the matter directly to the person against whom the allegation is being made
  • not proceeding or withdrawing the allegation if discussion resolves the concerns
  • referring the allegation to a person in a supervisory capacity for resolution at the local or departmental level
  • making an allegation of research misconduct in writing to the Metro South Health Research Designated Person.

The Research Integrity Advisor does not extend to investigation or assessment of the allegation.

If the complaint cannot be handled to everyone’s satisfaction at the departmental level, a formal complaint or allegation must be made in writing to the Chair of Metro South Research. It is the role of the Chair to advise the Chief Executive/Executive Director or their delegated officer whether allegations appear to be justified and whether a prima facie case exists.

The Chair receives a written allegation, conducts a preliminary investigation, and provides advice to the Chief Executive/Executive Director or their delegated officer. The Chair maintains full records of all matters that relate to allegations of research misconduct.

Last updated 6 August 2019
Last reviewed 18 May 2018