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Research feedback

How to provide feedback about research

  • Research feedback, issues or concerns about research conduct may be received about researchers or the conduct of research, or about the conduct of the Metro South Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). All research concerns received will be handled promptly and sensitively.
  • For more information about how we can assist employees who are unsure about a research conduct issue and may be considering whether to make an allegation or a complaint about research please see research integrity.

Option 1. Principal Investigator/Research Team

  • To provide feedback or concerns about a research project please refer to the relevant contact details on the Participant Information and Consent Form (PICF) for study's:
    • the Principal Investigator
    • research team
    • approvaing Human Research Ethics Committee
  • You can also report any research conduct or protocol issues directly to the MSHREC. Please see our Research related enquires page for our contact details. 

Option 2. Metro South Research Integrity Portal

  • If preferred, please complete the form in the Metro South Research Integrity Portal to outline your research related issue or concern. 
  • This form allows you to submit a variety of matters of concern related to the conduct of research for consideration by MSH.
  • You can remain anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact details at the end of the form.

Option 3. MSH Online Feedback Form

  • MSH would like to hear about your healthcare experience.
  • For other feedback or concerns about MSH services or your health care experience, including research, please complete the MSH Online Feedback Form
  • You can provide feedback on this web page, in person, over the phone or via email.
Last updated 27 September 2023
Last reviewed 14 September 2023