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Research feedback

How to provide feedback about research

  • Research issues or concerns about research conduct may be received about researchers or the conduct of research, or about the conduct of the Metro South Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). 
  • They may be made by participants, researchers, staff of institutions, or others.
  • All research concerns received will be handled promptly and sensitively.
  • For more information about how we can assist employees, members of the community or participants who are unsure about a research conduct issue and may be considering whether to make an allegation or a complaint about research please see research integrity.

Metro South Research

  • At MSH we welcome general feedback about research to continuously improve our research related processes and to ensure participant safety.
  • You can report any research conduct or protocol issues directly to the MSHREC.
  • Please see our Research related enquires page for our contact details. 

Principal Investigator/Research Team

  • To provide feedback or concerns about a research project please refer to the relevant contact details on the Participant Information and Consent Form (PICF).

MSH Research Integrity Advisors

  • MSH has appointed MSH employees from each service/facility to the roles of RIA.
  • RIAs promote the responsible conduct of research at MSH and are able to provide advice on good research practice. 
  • Anyone with a question or concern about research practices should speak to a RIA as soon as possible. Issues can often be avoided with early and appropriate communication. 
  • Individuals may speak to a MSH RIA from any service/facility.
  • MSH Research Integrity Advisors (XLSX, 22.22 KB)

Metro South Research Integrity Portal

  • Please complete the form in the Metro South Research Integrity Portal to outline your research related issue or concern. 
  • This form allows you to submit a variety of matters of concern related to the conduct of research for consideration by MSH.
  • You can remain anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact details at the end of the form.

MSH Online Feedback Form

  • MSH would like to hear about your healthcare experience.
  • For other feedback or concerns about MSH services or your health care experience, including research, please complete the MSH Online Feedback Form
  • You can provide feedback on this web page, in person, over the phone or via email.
Last updated 14 September 2023
Last reviewed 14 September 2023