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Voluntary Assisted Dying

Metro South Health Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Service 

For detailed information on voluntary assisted dying (VAD) visit

Metro South Health Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Service

The MSH VAD SU can assist patients who live in the Metro South catchment area and who wish to access VAD by linking them with authorised VAD practitioners for first requests/first assessments, consulting assessments, determination assessments, and practitioner administration of the VAD substance. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be able to access the Voluntary Assisted Dying service the person must  

  • Have an eligible condition
  • Have decision-making capacity in relation to VAD
  • Be acting voluntarily and without coercion
  • Be at least 18 years of age 
  • Fulfil residency requirements 

For detailed information on eligibility criteria visit SpotOnHealth HealthPathways under Voluntary Assisted Dying or Queensland Health/Voluntary assisted dying/Eligibility criteria

If a person is unlikely to meet all eligibility criteria for accessing voluntary assisted dying, it is recommended that you explore this with them in a sensitive and compassionate manner and that you explore with your patient treatments and support options available to them to help them manage their physical or mental suffering.  If despite optimal management, the person still wishes to make a first request for VAD, they have the right to do so and they may need to be referred to an authorised VAD practitioner who can accept their first request and formally assess their eligibility for VAD.

Referral information

Please provide the following information (if available)

  • Reason for Referral (e.g., Patient request for information about VAD; patient wishes to make a first request for VAD; Consulting Assessment; Referral for determination (prognosis/decision making capacity/voluntariness or coercion) )
  • Patient’s principal diagnosis for access to VAD and prognosis (if known) 
  • Comorbidities 
  • Treatment options accepted or refused by the person and expected outcomes 
  • Relevant psychosocial factors 
  • Communication and support needs of the person

How to refer

You may submit your referral by completing the appropriate form (preferred) or on your practice’s letter head or referral template

Contact us

For referral enquiries contact the Central Referral Hub on 1300 364 155

For VAD enquiries you may contact:

Last updated 7 February 2023
Last reviewed 22 December 2022