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Metro South Telehealth Services

Telehealth is the delivery of health services using information communication technologies, offering multiple opportunities for effective and efficient provision of health services. 

Benefits of Telehealth

  • Improve patient access to healthcare
  • Reduce travel and inconvenience for patients, families, carers and health professionals
  • Provide health professionals with access to peer support and education

Telehealth for specialist outpatient services

Where clinically appropriate, Telehealth Services may be available for a variety of Metro South Specialist Outpatient Department review appointments. Utilising Telehealth services enables equitable access for patients who experience difficulty attending appointments such as, nursing home residents, by making it easier for them to maintain appointments and care schedules.


If you feel your patient would benefit from Telehealth services, please indicate this in your referral and the triaging specialist will consider if a Telehealth consult is clinically appropriate. The Central Referral Hub has enhanced the Refer Your Patient referral template for Best Practice and Medical Director to allow you to indicate if your patient wants a telehealth appointment. The templates are available for downloading at the Brisbane South PHN website.


Telehealth can be easily accessed via desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Simply connect via your web browser or Pexip App using the number provided by the Telehealth team to begin. For further assistance please visit the Telehealth website.


General Practice is well supported throughout the Telehealth process both by the Telehealth team and the MSH GPLO team (Please see ‘Contacts’ for details). Telehealth consultations are coordinated by either a specifically trained Telehealth AO or Telehealth Nurse Coordinator. Once a referral has been identified as appropriate for Telehealth, the Telehealth Coordinator will contact the practice via phone to request a Telehealth consultation, confirm technology capabilities and willingness to participate. The practice is provided with information to ensure they can successfully connect at the time of appointment. The opportunity is available for a test call prior to the planned appointment.


Patients are able to participate in telehealth from:

  • General Practice
  • Aboriginal Medical Services
  • Residential Aged Care Facilities
  • Queensland Health facilities

Patients can be supported by their GP, Practice Nurse, Indigenous Health Worker or RACF Nurse.

Frequently asked questions

What are the Telehealth bulk billing rules?

Medicare bulk billing rules stipulate that patients receiving care via telehealth must be in a remoteness area (RA) 2 or greater location and be seen by a consultant to be eligible for bulk billing. Patients in residential aged care facilities and patients under the care of an Aboriginal Medical Service are eligible for Telehealth bulk billing, regardless of location. All patients require a named referral to the Head of Department. This will allow a longer referral period and reduces additional administrative work for review appointments. 

What are Medicare benefits available for:

  • GP video consultation with a specialist, consultant physician or consultant psychiatrist.
  • Specialists and patients who are located in Telehealth eligible areas (find out more here:
  • Eligible aged care facilities and Aboriginal medical services throughout Australia
  • Clinical support provided by a health professional who is with the patient during the video consultation
  • 23 items available to medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, midwives, practice nurses and Aboriginal health workers
  • These items are for face-to-face consultations when patient-end practitioners provide clinical support to patients during their video consultation.

For more information visit the Department of Human Services website.

Does a phone consultation count as Telehealth for billing purposes?

No, phone consultations do not count towards telehealth activity.  Telehealth only includes consultations conducted via videoconferencing.

Is there on-site technical support available?

There is no routine on-site technical support available.  If you are having problems with your videoconference system, phone support may be available.  Please contact the Telehealth support team or GP Liaison Officer for assistance.

How do patients get their prescriptions, pathology or radiology forms via telehealth?

Prescriptions, pathology and radiology forms are usually posted or faxed depending on urgency, by either the clinic nurse or administration officer at the hospital. For urgent requests, the nurse or AO will contact the patient by phone to determine which location to fax the script/request to.

Last updated 26 July 2019
Last reviewed 4 May 2018