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Secure messaging

You can refer your patient to Metro South Health via secure messaging, using your practice software.

Referrals for specialist outpatient and allied health services can be sent to the following addresses:

  • Medical Objects: MQ4113000HC
  • HealthLink EDI: qldmshrh

If your practices uses Medical Director or Best Practice you are eligible to register for GP Smart Referrals which are electronic referrals integrated into your GP practice software. Find out more about Smart Referrals.

How does it work?

GP/Health Professional (sender)Metro South Health (receiver)
  • Sends secure message referral
  • Receives secure message referral
  • Assigns the referral a unique "Transaction ID"
  • Sends an automated reply to the GP via Secure Messaging, to indicate the referral was received. This automated reply to the GP also contains the unique “Transaction ID” for reference purposes
  • Receives an automated reply from Metro South Health to indicate the secure message referral was received (this reply also includes the unique "Transaction ID" for that referral, for reference purposes)
  • Referral is processed at the Central Referral Hub and assigned an unique "Referral ID" for reference purposes
  • Referral is sent by the Central Referral Hub to the relevant facility or service area within Metro South Health, for waitlist management and appointment scheduling

What if I need to send attachments?

If you are unable to include attachments due to size limits, and the referral is 'URGENT', you can send the entire referral via 'Kiteworks':

  1. Contact the Central Referral Hub via:
  2. We will email you a 'Kiteworks' link
  3. Click on the 'Kiteworks' link in the email to upload the referral and attachments.

For non-urgent referrals please contact the MSH GPLO Team on ph: 1300 364 155 (option2)

What are the benefits?

The benefits of secure messaging include:

  • Automatic notification of successful message delivery, so that you know, without delay, that a referral has been received by Metro South Health.
  • Ability to digitally sign referrals.
  • Improved business processes and reduced costs (for referrers and Metro South Health) e.g. less time printing, faxing, scanning, filing and posting documents.
  • Secure exchange of clinical information and documents regarding a referral.
  • Confidential patient information is only seen by the treating clinician/s (and those directly managing the referral).
  • Potential to improve the timeliness of referral management and therefore the quality of the care provided.
Last updated 16 September 2021
Last reviewed 16 September 2021