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Skin Lesion Assessment Management (SLAM)

What is SLAM?

Skin Lesion Assessment Management (SLAM) provides the opportunity for suitable patients to attend a ‘see and treat’ clinic in a single episode of care. SLAM has been established in response to the growing demand for Plastic Surgical treatment of patients with non- melanoma skin cancers in Metro South. All anaesthetic options are available to SLAM suitable patients and determined on the day of review and procedure. SLAM aims to improve patient access, waiting times and experience to our current service.

Selection criteria


  • Non melanoma skin cancer
  • Ready for care
  • Independent and mobile (able to stand transfer)
  • BMI <35
  • Has transport and carer available (24hrs post procedure – if sedation or general anaesthetic chosen)


  • Functionally restricted or impaired
  • Insulin dependent diabetic
  • Anticoagulation therapy (excluding Aspirin)
  • Requires QAS transport - due to the early outpatient appointments
  • Nursing home patients
  • Leg lesions requiring split thickness skin grafts (hospital admission)

How to refer to SLAM

A standard GP referral to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, PA Hospital with the following information:

  • Biopsy-proven histology
  • Features of pigmented lesions: size, shape, colour, inflammation, oozing, change in sensation
  • Full past medical history
  • Current medications – including history of anticoagulant therapy
  • Current health status – including smoking status
  • Ambulatory status
  • Social history
  • BMI (approximate Height and Weight suitable)

The unit delegate will triage all referrals through Central Referral Hub as is the current practice. A final decision on patient suitability to SLAM will be made by Plastic and Reconstructive Consultant and project lead, Dr Michael Wagels.

Follow-up care

The SLAM CNC will contact the patient’s GP to arrange post-operative follow up and management for the patient. One well-timed review appointment in the SLAM clinic will also be provided to the patient.


If you have any enquiries or concerns relating to the SLAM project, please contact the SLAM CNC on 3176 4566. Alternatively, you can email:

Last updated 29 September 2020
Last reviewed 23 September 2020