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Nurse Navigators

  • A nurse navigator may assist the patient with a number of functions including developing a wellbeing plan, being the patient’s key point of contact, liaising with other care providers on the patient’s behalf to obtain information, and scheduling appointments. 
  • The nurse navigator will act as an interface between primary, tertiary and the community setting, to address the patient’s health care needs and social determinants.
  • The nurse navigator will also be able to inform and work with the patient to educate them, about their identified health needs and self-management.

Find out more about Nurse Navigators in frequently asked questions

Urgent Referrals

If your patient needs an urgent Nurse Navigator assessment, please state clearly on the referral form.

Minimum Referral Criteria

All patients must have a condition that is expected to last at least 6 months or 2 or more chronic conditions.

Adult Additional

Have a condition/s that requires multiple service providers and their condition has a significant impact on their physical and/or mental health and well-being.

Paediatric Additional

Has social determinants that put a child at risk of not accessing appropriate recommended health.

Essential Referral Information

Nurse Navigator referrals are to be sent via the Metro South Health Central Referral Hub.

Please include all relevant patient information and history in your referral for the nurse navigator service. 

  • Reason for referral
  • Relevant medical history
  • Current medications
  • Results of relevant investigations (e.g. spirometry, echocardiogram, stress test, ECG, HbA1c)

Out of scope services

Clients who live outside the Metro South HHS or who are unable to access a Metro South HHS centre.

Service Available

Paediatric and Adult Service available  

Out of Catchment

Metro South Health is responsible for providing public health services to the people who reside within its boundaries.  Special consideration is made for patients requiring tertiary care or services that are not provided by their local Hospital and Health Service.  If your patient lives outside the Metro South Health area and you wish to refer them to one of our services, inclusion of information regarding their particular medical and social factors will assist with the triaging of your referral.

Last updated 28 April 2021
Last reviewed 4 July 2019