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Outpatient services (specialist, allied health and nursing)

Specialist services are coordinated through the Central Referral Hub, including referral tracking and clinical referral advice.


Community services

Contact the Community Referral Service for referrals, including referral tracking and clinical referral advice.

Addiction and Mental Health services

For all addiction and mental health referrals call the access line:

1300 64 2255

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GP updates and advice

6 February 2019

The statewide referral guidelines for adult and paediatric ENT conditions have recently undergone a clinical review through a statewide C

6 February 2019

Please ensure you have the latest template (Version: V3.1 BP, Sep 2018), when referring your patients to Metro South.

6 February 2019

When referrals are sent using Secure Messaging via Medical Objects or Healthlink to MSH Central Referral Hub, an automatic reply will be

Last updated 13 September 2018
Last reviewed 13 September 2018