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Redland Hospital multi-level car park

The Redland Hospital multi-level car park provides more than 1,000 undercover parking spaces for patients, visitors and staff to use each day.

The car park is owned and operated by Redland Hospital.

Access to the new multi-level car park

Access to P1 is via Weippin Street. To access P1, drive along Weippin Street, past the Redland and Mater Hospital entrances, and turn right at the P1 Main Car Park sign.

There are a number of car parking options available across the Redland Hospital campus:

  • P1 – Redland Hospital multi-level car park
  • P2 – best access for the Emergency Department, Women's and Children's entrance and hospital outpatient appointments
  • P3 – best access for Mental Health and Redland Health Service Centre appointments
  • P4 – enter the P4 driveway for access to Redland Residential Care parking

Redland Hospital car parking map

Please print our campus map for pick-up/drop-off and pay station locations. Our terms and conditions are also available.

Parking rates (including GST)

Paid parking will commence on 12 April 2023.

0-15 minutesFree
15-60 minutes$3.00
1-2 hours$5.00
2-3 hours$7.00
3-4 hours$9.00
4-6 hours$11.00
6-24 hours$13.00
Motorcycle flat rate$5.00

Discounted parking rates

A range of concessions are available for eligible patients and carers; the discount for most is 50% of the standard parking rate. In some cases, a 100% discount is provided.

Who is eligible for concessional car parking?

You may be eligible to receive concessional parking rates if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Frequent attendee — patients need to be at the hospital two or more times a week, for more than two weeks in a row
  • Extended stay — where the patient stays in the hospital for more than 14 days in a row
  • Age Pension — where the patient is over 65 and receiving an Age Pension
  • Carer Payment — where the primary carer is receiving a Carer Payment
  • Other financial hardship and special considerations — reviewed by the Car Park Coordinator
  • Redland Residential Care — Redland Residential Care (RRC) patients/carers are entitled to special concession and should contact the Car Park Team

If you meet one of the above eligibility criteria, you can apply for a concession by completing the Concessional Parking Application Form and taking it to the reception area for your ward (inpatient) or outpatient appointment.

Enquiries can be directed to

Vehicle height

The multi-level car park (P1) allows entry for vehicles up to 2.3 metres.

There is no height limit for the other on-site car parks.

People with disability

There are accessible parking spaces for people with disability in the multi-level car park (P1) and across the campus.

Drop-off and pick-up

Redland Hospital has several pick-up and drop-off zones. These zones can be accessed via Weippin Street and are subject to time restrictions. These zones can be found outside the:

  • Emergency Department
  • Main Hospital Building
  • Health Service Centre
  • Allied Health building
  • Mental Health building
  • Redland Residential Care

How do I access Redland Hospital from the multi-level car park?

You can access Redland Hospital from the rear of the campus.This entrance is in addition to the current front entrance of the hospital.Maps and signage will be in place to help you find your way.  If you are coming to the Emergency Department (ED), you can continue to access the Emergency drop-off zone at the front of the hospital outside the ED. 

How do I enter and exit the car park?

To access P1 drive along Weippin Street, just past the Redland and Mater Hospital entrances, and turn right at the P1 Main Car Park sign. To enter the car park, take a ticket and go through the boom gate. Take note of the level you park on, so you can easily find your way back. There are lifts on each level. 
A footpath to the main hospital building can be found by following signage on the Ground level. 

What are the car park hours of operation?

The car park is open 24/7.

How do I pay for parking in the car park?

Pay machines are located at key locations around the hospital site (link to map).

You can pay with cash or credit/debit card. You can also pay with your credit/debit card at the exit gate when you drive out of the car park.

Pay machines are located:

  • P1 Redland Hospital Multi-level car park
  • outside Main Hospital entry
  • outside Women’s and Children’s entry
  • outside Mental Health entry 
  • inside the Health Service Centre
  • outside the Mater Private Hospital 

What type of parking is available?

There are parking spaces for small and large vehicles, motorcycles and the new car park also has a number of designated electric vehicle charging stations. 

Where can I drop-off patients?

Free, time-limited drop-off and pick-up zones are located at the main entrances to the hospital. 
Please follow onsite signage. View the campus map for pickup/drop-off zones.

Am I eligible for a concession?

A concession program will be in place for eligible patients and primary carers. Please see the Concessions heading on this page.

What is the maximum height of vehicles entering the multi-level car park?

2.3 metres

If I do not wish to use the car park, where else may I park?

Off-street parking, although limited, is available to short-term visitors in Weippin Street. Please observe the restrictions indicated on the parking signage.

Who will operate the car park?

All car parking facilities will be owned and operated by Redland Hospital.

Public transport

Bus: The nearest bus station to Redland Hospital is located on Weippin Street (Route 272).

Train: The nearest railway station to Redland Hospital at Cleveland Station. The TransLink journey planner can help plan your journey to and from work.

Contact us

The car park office is located on ground floor of P1.

Last updated 24 May 2024
Last reviewed 6 April 2023