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Reports and Publications


Other publications

  1. Final report on the development and pilot of the Adolescent BRiTA Futures program (March 2004)
  2. Mitchelson MR, Erskine HE, Ramirez E, Suleman F, Prasad-Ildes R, Siskind D and Harris M. (2010) BRiTA Futures: A resilience-building program for children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds - program description and preliminary findings. In Advances in mental health 9(3). December. 243-254. To order a copy of this article, please email
  3. Khawaja N, Ramirez E and Prasad-Ildes R. (2013) Building resilience in transcultural adults (BRiTA): Developing a novel preventative intervention. In Advances in Mental Health 11(3): 302-312.
  4. Khawaja N, Moisuc O and Ramirez E. (2014) Developing an acculturation and resilience scale for use with culturally and linguistically diverse populations. In Australian Psychologist 49: 171-180.
Last updated 8 June 2021
Last reviewed 8 June 2021