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What we're planning

Through the QEII Hospital Expansion Project, the hospital will be transformed with a series of projects designed to enhance our clinical services and improve facilities for patients, visitors and staff.

The Queensland Government is investing $465M deliver a range of service increases at QEII Hospital including growth of 112 overnight beds and will help meet the growing demand for health services on Brisbane’s southside.

Transforming our hospital

QEII Hospital is part of the most populated region in the state with more than 70,000 people expected to move to the broader catchment within the next decade.

QEII Hospital was allocated $25 million as part of the Queensland Government’s Accelerated Delivery Program (AIDP). The project has delivered a new 28 bed 4A ward in November 2023, and will deliver a new Allied Health and Ambulatory Care Services Building (Building 3) and refurbishment of Building 4 by mid 2024.

Over the coming years, QEII Hospital will see the benefit of several other projects designed to increase services, improve functionality of existing facilities and make the environment more contemporary and comfortable for patients, visitors, and staff.

The projects

The QEII Hospital Expansion Program will be delivered as a series of projects.

  • New medical ward 4A (28 beds)
  • New Clinical Services Building (112 beds)
  • QEII Hospital Car Parking Plan
  • A range of projects to increase size, space and contemporary comfort across the campus.

Find out more about each project here.

Last updated 29 May 2024
Last reviewed 8 December 2021