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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the QEII Hospital Expansion Program?

The QEII Hospital Expansion Program involves a series of small construction projects to be delivered over the coming years at the hospital.

The QEII Hospital Expansion will enhance our clinical services and improve facilities which are essential in the local community.

These projects are a necessary upgrade to current facilities and a step towards major expansion of the QEII facility.

What's included in the expansion?

The expansion will deliver:

  • a new medical ward
  • modular accommodation for relocated administration services
  • expansion and improvements to existing infrastructure.

Looking further ahead, the expansion will deliver:

  • car parking improvement options.

Why are we expanding QEII Hospital?

QEII is situated in a thriving and diverse community and the hospital is an essential component of medical and surgical services in the metropolitan area. We need to meet the growing demand for health care services.

The QEII Hospital Expansion will increase the bed capacity within the hospital building, improve aging amenity, and enable improved healthcare services in Emergency, Pharmacy and access to accommodate growing service provision in the coming years.

When will construction start?

Works have already commenced to undertake a Rapid Decant Program to relocate staff from Level 5 so that Ward 5A refurbishment works can commence in late July/early August 2021.   

The detailed Business Case is under development for a car parking plan to progress for state government approval by October 2021. Pending the results of this process, Detailed Design will be undertaken for approval.

When will construction be complete?

Construction work for the modular accommodation should be complete in November 2021 with the Ward 5A refurbishment works complete in December 2021. The car park is still in planning at this stage.

How can I apply for a job?

All new positions for current and future service needs will be advertised on Metro South Health's job vacancies page.

How did you determine which services to expand?

Careful and considered planning is required for any new public infrastructure investment.

  • a detailed analysis of clinical service demands and population projections
  • feedback from staff and stakeholders
  • input from building design, engineering and clinical experts.

This work ensures we have a robust and deliverable plan that meets the needs of the community now and into the future.

How can I get involved or provide feedback?

Please contact us with any questions, feedback or concerns.

You can also subscribe for project updates.

If you're interested in being more involved with planning of the QEII Hospital Expansion Program, you can apply to become a QEII Hospital community advisor.

Last updated 25 August 2021
Last reviewed 25 August 2021