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Gamma Knife®

Gamma Knife Feature

Princess Alexandra Hospital is the home of Gamma Knife® Centre of Queensland. This is the only Gamma Knife® technology available in the public hospital system in Australia and the first and only service in Queensland.

Our new Gamma Knife® service compliments Princess Alexandra Hospital’s reputation as a Centre of Excellence in cancer care and treatment and will establish our service as a world-class radiosurgery facility.

The Gamma Knife® is a non-invasive alternative to neurosurgery which uses radioactive sources to predominantly treat brain tumours. It delivers treatment called stereotactic radiosurgery which is a highly precise form of radiation. It can be used to treat various brain conditions including malignant or benign tumours. Gamma Knife® enables patient planning and treatment to be done on one day as an outpatient procedure. It is the most accurate way to deliver intra-cranial radiosurgery particularly for treating multiple lesions.

The biggest benefits for patients are that treatment involves less risk of complications, less side effects, and a reduced impact on quality of life.

Princess Alexandra Hospital commenced the Gamma Knife® service in October 2015.

About Gamma Knife®

Gamma Knife® surgery is a well-established method to treat selected targets in the brain; but it is not a knife. Instead, highly focused beams of radiation are directed to the treatment area in the brain.


Gamma Knife introduction video and photo gallery.

Information for health professionals

Find out the types of conditions we treat and how to refer.

Information for patients

What to expect when you come to PA Hospital for Gamma Knife treatment.

Last updated 26 February 2024
Last reviewed 26 February 2024