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Most of our hospital beds are equipped with a television for you to use during your stay with us.

Our televisions are usually operated by an external company with a cost for the connection of the service. Please ask our staff for more information about television hire.

Princess Alexandra Hospital

All Princess Alexandra Hospital beds in Building 1, with the exception of Intensive Care, Surgical Care Unit, Medical Assessment and Planning Unit and the Emergency Department, are equipped with a television.

Each television provides free of charge:

  • an Information Channel providing information about the Hospital and the Entertainment Network (channel 41)
  • a Patient Education Channel with content broadcasted by the Hospital (channel 6)
  • a live broadcast of the Hospital Worship Center (channel 16)
  • the monthly movie guide and movie previews (channels 1 & 17).

Access to the rest of the services is provided by the Entertainment Network, an external company to the Princess Alexandra Hospital and will incur charges payable by patients in advance. Please ensure you have payment readily available before accessing the entertainment.

For full details about our services and before accessing the Entertainment Network, please consult the Information Brochures located in your drawer or at each Nurse Station. Alternatively, please call (07) 3176 7377 (extension 7377 from within the hospital).

The Entertainment Network Service Fee includes:

  • All locally available TV Channels
  • 2 Box Office Movie Channels
  • 4 pre-selected Radio stations.

For access to the Entertainment Channels, please tune your television to Channel 38 and follow the prompts.

For transfers

If a patient is transferred to another bed before their pre-paid period of entertainment has expired, the patient should access the Entertainment Channels at the new location by tuning to Channel 38 and following the prompts. Once the service is accessed at the new location, patients should leave a messgae on our voicemail on extension 7377 or show us their original receipt.

Transfers cannot be made to other Patients.

For refunds

If a patient wishes to terminate the service early, a refund can be applied for. One day's entitlement will be forfeited for all refunds. Patients must notify the Network prior to the requested cancellation date. If the request for cancellation is received after the requested cancellation date, the refund will be calculated from the date the Network is notified. The amount of the refund is determined by recalculating the fee based on the revised number of days (adjusted for one day forfeit). The recalculated fee will then be deducted from the amount originally paid and the difference will be refunded. To arrange early termination of service, patients should telephone the Network on extension 7377. A message can be left on the answering machine, if the telephone is unattended.

For technical issues or visual impairments

  • If you have any issues with your handset, please ask ward staff directly, as wards provide them to patients.
  • If you have other issues than your handset, please contact the Network on extension 7377. A message can be left on our answering machine, if the telephone is unattended.
  • If you have a visual impairment, please ask ward staff, as there are special systems in the hospital.

For technical and safety reasons, private TV sets are not permitted. Private radios and tape / CD players are permitted only if they are small and have earphones. CB Radios are not permitted.

Last updated 21 October 2016
Last reviewed 21 October 2016