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Public telephones

Public telephones are located in the main foyer of our hospitals for the use of patients and visitors.

Mobile telephones

For the comfort of our patients, staff and visitors, please be conscious of your surroundings when using your mobile phone inside hospital ward areas. Mobile phones can interfere with the function of sensitive medical equipment, and we ask you to pay attention to signage around you and refrain from using your mobile when instructed. Mobile phones MUST be turned OFF while inside the Coronary Care and Intensive Care units.

Logan Hospital

Public telephones are located in the main foyer of the hospital and in the Emergency Department, Birth Suites, Wards 2D and 3B. Telephone cards are sold at the Armstrong Kiosk.

Princess Alexandra Hospital

Public phones

Public phones are in the Main Foyer and in the orange and blue lift foyers on every level of Building 1.

These phones accept coins and phone cards that you can buy at the Newsagency. All phones have a volume control button and loop in the handset.

TTY (teletypewriter telephones) display the TTY symbol. There is a TTY public phone in the Main Foyer, Ground Level, Building 1 and another in the Emergency Department waiting room.

Patient bedside phones

All hospital beds in Building 1 and Building 17, with the exception of Intensive Care, Surgical Care Unit, and the Emergency Department, are equipped with a bedside phone.

A phone will be available at your bedside so you can:

  • make a call inside the hospital at no cost - use the speed dial or a four digit extension number or dial '9' for the switchboard
  • receive calls at no cost. Phone calls will only be put through to your bedside between 7:00am and 9:00pm
  • make calls outside the Hospital at public phone rates after purchasing a pre-paid phone card from the Hospital Entertainment Network. To order a pre-paid phone card, lift the handset and follow the voice prompts.

To access the Patient Telephone Service and make outside calls, please pick up the telephone handset and follow the voice prompts. Alternatively, please contact the Entertainment Network on extension 7377. A Representative will attend to your request.

$5, $10 and $20 pre-paid phone cards are available. Calls are charged at standard public telephone rates. Phone cards are not refundable and expire six months after the date of the original purchase. Phone Cards are only valid for use within the PA Hospital in the main building and in Spinal Injury Unit.

If you need a TTY (teletypewriter telephone), volume control or large button phone, please ask ward staff, who will arrange for the appropriate phone to be connected at your bedside.

Last updated 21 October 2016
Last reviewed 21 October 2016