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Medical records and confidentiality

During your stay in hospital, confidential medical records will be kept of your condition and treatment. This will include results from tests, x-rays and scans.

Your privacy

We know you need to trust your health provider before you give them sensitive personal information. You can expect that we will deal with all personal information in an ethical, lawful and confidential way.

Your health information will only be discussed or made available to those who are involved in your care. Some government organisations may be legally allowed to access information about you such as births and deaths, notice of infection disease or other public health matters. Please ask for a copy of the Respecting your privacy brochure if you would like to know more.

Accessing your medical record

You can apply for access to see your medical record by speaking to your health care team. As a general rule, no information concerning you will be given to anyone else unless you give permission in writing.

You can also seek access to documents not relating to you, under the Right to Information Act 2009 or the Information Privacy Act 2009. This includes applying to access your child’s records if the child is incapable of giving their consent in writing. Ask your health care team for further information on how to proceed.

Last updated 21 October 2016
Last reviewed 16 May 2015