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Electronic medical record

When you are a patient, we collect and keep your medical information.

This information is kept in our secure computer system. Each patient has a computer file called an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Your EMR includes:

  • your medical history
  • details of your treatment
  • results of your medical tests, x-rays and scans
  • details of your medications.

Our computer system also helps your medical team see if you are eligible to take part in a research study. If you are already part of a research study, this information will be included in your EMR.

Caring for our patients

Our doctors, nurses and support staff members are always working to give you the best possible medical care.

The computers and electronic devices next to your bed are used to monitor your condition, and to record medical information such as your heart rate and blood pressure.

Our doctors and nurses also use the computers to keep a record of your treatment.

Keeping your information safe

Your medical team will add information to your EMR when they care for you in hospital and during your appointments.

It is important that every detail is included so that your medical team has complete and up-to-date information.

They might show you this information on the computer screen; however to see your complete medical record, you need to ask for special permission. Speak to a member of staff about this.

Your identification wristband

We will give you a wristband to confirm your identity.

Our medical staff will scan your wristband each time they:

  • check your medical condition
  • perform tests or scans
  • administer your medication.
Last updated 21 August 2019
Last reviewed 7 March 2017