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Clinical handover

When you are in hospital, you will often notice nurses and other staff at your bedside discussing your care. This is known as clinical handover.

What is clinical handover?

Clinical handover allows the nurses to discuss your care to ensure it continues as planned. These discussions can include doctors and other health professionals.

What happens during clinical handover at the bedside?

During clinical handover, you will be introduced to the nurse coming on duty for the next shift. Information which may be shared includes:

  • your medical history
  • your current clinical condition
  • tests and procedures that you have had or that are scheduled
  • your need for assistance with everyday tasks such as showering and toileting
  • plans for your discharge, even if it is a few days away.

Why is my involvement important?

You have a right to be involved in your clinical handover. Research indicates that patients who are involved in their own care are more likely to have better health outcomes.

If you prefer, ask a friend or family member to advocate on your behalf to ensure you have the necessary information to make informed decisions and choices about your care.

More information

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your nurse.

Last updated 21 October 2016
Last reviewed 20 October 2016