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Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

Everyone should be able to have safe and good care. This is your right. The Australian Charter of Healthcare rights explains all of your rights. Everyone is asked to tell us things that matter to their care. This is your responsibility.

All parts of our hospital and services fully support the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

What this means

  • Listen to your Australian Healthcare Rights.
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  • Watch a video on your Australian Healthcare Rights.
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  • Ask a staff member if you have a question.

Refer to the below information to find out more about your Healthcare Rights and what you can expect from your healthcare. You also need to tell us about yourself and your illness.


We will support all people with a disability access care and treatment.

You will get a healthcare service and treatment that you need.

TELL US > if you need help to access your care and treatment.

TELL US > if you need to change an appointment (be on time to appointments).

PLEASE > If your health is getting worse, tell us so that you can see and talk to your doctor.



Our healthcare service will make you feel as safe as possible and will be given to you in a safe space.

You will receive care that is safe and is right for you to help you to get better.

TELL US > if you do not feel safe.

TELL US > if you get sick from medicine/food/other things (allergies).

TELL US > the medicines you take.



Our healthcare service will respect who you are, your language, your culture, your religious beliefs.

You will be treated equally, with dignity and respect.

TELL US > what we need to know about your culture, your language, and your religious beliefs.

PLEASE > Treat our staff and other patients with care and respect.



Our healthcare service will support you to partner with our staff.

You can ask questions and be open and honest when talking about your care.

You can get to talk to your doctor or nurse about making your decision about your care, to the extent that you choose and are able to.

You can choose the people that you want to help you in making your healthcare decision.

TELL US > if you have questions about your health and treatment.

TELL US > To explain words that you do not understand or need more help to understand other health things.

TELL US > the people you choose to help you.



Our healthcare service will give you information about your health, they will explain your tests and treatments.

Our healthcare service will give you details about waiting times and costs.

Our healthcare service will tell you if something has gone wrong, how it happened, how it may affect you and what is being done to make care better and safe.

Our healthcare service will support you in getting information about your health. You will be given information about your care and treatment before you give informed consent and give permission.

You can ask for help to explain information to you.

You can say yes or no to tests or treatments.

You can get information about your health.



Our healthcare service will keep information about you private and secure.

Our healthcare service will respect your private things such as your phone and your wallet.

PLEASE > respect the privacy of other patients.



Our healthcare service will take note what you tell us about healthcare you have received and act on this information within 35 days. If you give your personal information such as your name and phone number, our healthcare service will get in contact with you to talk about what you told us.

You will be given information about how to give feedback. Feedback is when you share what you think about our services and the care that you received (good and bad). This will not affect the way that you are going to be cared for or treated.

TELL US > if you want to say something about your care and treatment or anything else about your stay with us. We will help you.


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More information is available from Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights | Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Last updated 25 October 2022
Last reviewed 23 September 2022