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Waiting lists

If your GP thinks you need to see a specialist doctor, he or she will send us a referral. Our clinical staff will review the referral and prioritise your need for a consultation.

If your referral has been accepted, you will be placed on a wait list for your first “outpatient” appointment with a specialist doctor. After your appointment you may also be placed on an elective surgery wait list.

Read more about how Queensland wait lists work.

Managing our wait lists

We are committed to ensuring patients are seen by a specialist within an appropriate timeframe.

Wait list auditing

To ensure the accuracy of our wait lists, we are currently undertaking an audit of long wait patients, for selected specialities, and removing patients who no longer need to see a specialist.

The process:

  1. Patients currently on a specialist wait list will receive an SMS to advise that we will contact them from a private phone number.
  2. Patients receive a phone call to confirm if they still need to see a specialist. Contact will be attempted up to eight times on a variety of different days and times including weekends.
  3. If a patient does not answer/respond, they will receive an SMS to arrange a suitable time for a further phone call.
  4. If there is still no response, the patient and GP will receive written notification that the patient has been removed from the wait list.

Patient appointment confirmation

There is a new process in place being trialled in selected clinics to better manage appointment confirmation, non-attendance, rescheduling and appointments for new and review patients
The process:

  1. Patients may currently receive a letter to confirm the date and time of their specialist appointment.
  2. Patients will now also receive a SMS to confirm their upcoming appointment two weeks prior to their appointment.
  3. Patients can reply via SMS to confirm their attendance.
  4. If there is no response to the SMS, the patient will be contacted via a private phone number.
  5. If a patient does not attend their confirmed appointment or has been uncontactable, the specialist may choose not to rebook an appointment and return their care to their GP. The patient and GP will receive letters stating this. The patient will then need to go back to their GP and get a new referral if they need to be seen by the specialist.

For more information, contact the Outpatient Access Coordination team:

Last updated 31 July 2017
Last reviewed 31 July 2017

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