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PAH Nurse of the Year Award 2020


The aim of this award is to recognise the contributions of a PAH nurse who has demonstrated an improved outcome associated with an evidence based change made by direct care nurses in alignment with Nursing Services Professional Practice Model (PPM).


To be eligible the applicant/s must be a:


Submit a maximum of 500 words which addresses each of the following:

  • Outline the PPM Component that was addressed by undertaking this innovation/initiative
  • Outline the name of the initiative
  • Briefly describe the problem (include data)
  • Evidence base used to inform initiative
  • Goal (outline the intended goal ie: what was the desired outcome of this innovation/initiative)
  • Intervention (explain in detail what was done? When did it occur?)
  • Outcomes (what was achieved?)

Nomination process

Individuals are able to self-nominate or be nominated by colleagues. Please nominate by completing the online nomination form below. The Centre of Nursing Excellence (CNE) is accountable for coordinating this award.


  • Submissions open: Monday, 24 February 2020
  • Submissions close: Monday, 22 June 2020

Decision making governance process

Nominations will be judged by a panel that consists of nursing executive; interprofessional colleague; adjunct/joint appointment and a consumer representative from the PAH Consumer Consultative Committee. Each member will have equal voting rights, although in the event of a conflict of interest (i.e. nominee is from respective work unit) these rights will be rescinded. Following review of the applicants, the panel will declare any conflicts of interest prior to the voting process taking place. The panel will utilise a Likert scale from ‘Strongly Agree that Applicant Meets Criteria to Strongly Disagree that Applicant Meets Criteria’ to assist in determining the top 5 nominations and recommend a winner of the award. The top 3 nominations and recommended winner will be tabled at the Nursing Director/Assistant Director of Nursing (ND/ADON) Committee Meeting. The ND/ADON will make the final decision. The top 3 nominees will be notified and invited to the award presentation for the announcement of the award winner.

Please note: Where the successful winner contains more than one nurse, the education bursary will be equally shared amongst the recipients.

Reward and recognition

  • $1,000 Education Bursary funded by Nurse Practice Development Unit.
  • A Magnet Nursing Excellence Badge and Certificate of Recognition will be presented on International Nurses Day.
  • Photo and award details included within the EDNS Newsletter and PAH Nursing Services Annual Review.


  • Bernadette Clarke, Magnet CNC
  • Phone: (07) 3176 2892

Nomination form

Please note, all fields are mandatory. Submissions do not require 3 post evaluation data points.

Last updated 1 May 2020
Last reviewed 8 March 2019