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Vascular Nurses have a blood-y blast

6 September 2019

It’s vascular nurses’ week next week but Ward 1C has bypassed the blockage to celebrate early.

The team got together on Thursday to dress as their favourite blood clot, medication or wound and cut a seeping cake… yum!

Vascular Nurse Unit Manager, Theresa O’Keefe, said the team work hard but they know how to infuse some fun.

“We see some really complex cases in Ward 1C, from big open wounds to post surgery patients.

“Our team are highly skilled and work well together - we’ve created a nice community here in the ward,” she said.

Theresa has been the nurse in charge of 1C for almost 30yrs, starting her tenure there in 1991.

“Our collection of senior nursing staff have been here for 25+ years, we have strong staff retention and I think that’s the secret to our success in advancing best practice.

“We know how to have fun and be a bit silly which is important.”

In her years in vascular, Theresa has been the President of the Australia and New Zealand Society of Vascular Nursing, now the Secretary and the current Queensland President, and has seen many advancements in the field.

“We operate on patients now that, even 5 or 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have.

“The drastic improvement to life expectancy through vascular advancements is extraordinary,” she said.

Vascular Nurses’ Week officially begins September 8 and, you can trust this long-standing team when they say that everything is fantastic about being a vascular nurse! Give the team an extra pat on the back next week

Last updated 6 September 2019
Last reviewed 6 September 2019

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