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Unlock the Tome of Knowledge at the QEII Hospital Library

17 November 2023

The QEII Hospital library is a wellspring of wisdom and guidance, led by Jennifer Nielsen, an experienced Health Services Librarian. 

Jennifer is not just your average librarian – she specialises in medical information and health services, making her an invaluable resource for staff, trainees and students every Thursday and Friday.

"Having a library on site is important for several reasons,” Jennifer said. “Not all information is available on the internet, and even when it is, it often comes with limitations. The library also provides a quiet, dedicated space for studying, whether through online resources or traditional books. 

“Additionally, we have interlibrary connections, making it possible to access materials from other sources if they are not available locally. This is vital for medical interns, junior medical officers, and registrars, as much of their training requires access to resources available from a library."

Librarians play a critical role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information, so in a world of digital information, Jennifer is passionate about the difference her skills and expertise can bring. 

This includes expert ability to navigate complex databases, discern the authority and currency of sources, and guide individuals toward trustworthy information, unlike the unpredictable nature of online search engines.

For Jennifer, her work from the quiet but well-equipped study spaces of the library, is a labor of love. 

“I find immense satisfaction in aiding researchers and students in their academic journeys. My mission is to set everyone up for success, bridging the gap in information and ensuring that the hospital community has the best resources at their disposal,” she said.

“To rely solely on the internet is akin to relying on 'Doctor Google' for medical advice, which we all know, has its limitations. The library, with a librarian's assistance, ensures reliability, accuracy, and depth in the quest for knowledge."

Jennifer looks forward to assisting more staff and students on their quest for knowledge in the QEII library.

Last updated 17 November 2023
Last reviewed 17 November 2023

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