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2/3rds of PA Hospital now recycling

3 October 2019

Over two thirds of Princess Alexandra Hospital is now recycling, with one ward alone saving the hospital close to $8,000 per year through their efforts.

Level 5 is the latest area to come on board with Ward 5D leading the charge, now recycling stainless steel, PVC, paper and cardboard, hard plastics, soft plastics and batteries.

Porterage Services Manager, Brendon Seipolt said the adoption of recycling initiatives across the hospital has been made possible through the PAH Sustainability Committee.

“Prior to the Committee being formed in 2016, waste and recycling initiatives throughout the hospital were independently led, relying heavily on invested staff champions.

“Now established PAH recycling initiatives can be implemented with the support of the committee and operational services then driven on the ground by enthusiastic teams, like Ward 5D,” he said.

Level 3 at PA Hospital was the first target for the PAH Sustainability Committee, aiming to reduce and recycle waste in theatre, ICU, surgical care and catheter lab. From there, the sustainability train gained momentum with the majority of the hospital coming on board.

Other sustainability actions championed across PAH include the transition to sugar cane kidney dishes saving over 680,000 single use plastic dishes hitting landfill each year, the compost of coffee grounds and ward flowers into the community garden, and the repurposing of wax models from radiation oncology into wax food wraps.

Last updated 3 October 2019
Last reviewed 3 October 2019

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