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The front desk mission to foster positivity one patient at a time

2 May 2024

Tessa is one of the first faces you see when you enter the PA Hospital, offering a warm smile and helpful directions to everyone she meets.   

Her kind-hearted approach to working in admissions stems from her own experience as a visitor. 

“Before I started working at the PA I was helping my aunt who was a patient here, so I know what it’s like to be on the other side,” she said. 

“Every day I just try and put myself in their shoes because we’re here for the patient. And that’s why I like patient facing jobs because I can see them, and smile at them.”

A typical day for Tessa involves setting up the Information Desk, directing patients to where they need to go, or showing people where the blue or orange lifts are. 

Tessa says her role has allowed her to continue her passion for helping people, which originally drew her to nursing. 

“I was studying nursing and then I fell pregnant so didn’t want to go back but still wanted to work in healthcare, so I thought admin would be a good fit.

“I’ve even got some of my family here now so it’s even better. My son goes to the day care and my partner works in maintenance.”

She says the benefits go beyond the occasional household carpool to PAH. 

“One of the most rewarding parts of my role is when a patient or visitor comes back to say thank you, and that I’ve helped them. A positive mindset can make the world of difference.”

“The team around me is also great! Everyone is so encouraging, I love this team.”

Tessa and her team are being celebrated this Friday, 3 May on Administrative Professionals Day. It’s a chance to acknowledge and say thanks to all admin staff across the PA who play such a vital role in keeping the service running smoothly. 

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all admin staff! Thank you for your incredible work every day. 

Last updated 2 May 2024
Last reviewed 2 May 2024

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