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The #1 reason why men use their bowel screening kit

14 November 2019

Princess Alexandra Hospital Director of Gastroenterology, Professor Gerald Holtmann, is urging Queenslanders to take advantage of the free Home Bowel Screening kits sent to over-50’s.

With around 60 per cent of recipients discarding the free kit, there are one in 29 participants returning the kit who need some form of interventional procedure as a result.

“While the bowel screening kit may not be the 50th birthday present you were hoping for, it could in fact save your life,” he said. 

“This screening kit is a very accurate, very discreet way of testing because we know that early intervention is the best form of cure.”

PA Patient, Brett Morris, is grateful that he took the plunge and did the test.

“Within two weeks of sending the kit back, I received a call to make an appointment for a colonoscopy.

“Several polyps were removed including a cancerous polyp 7cm in size that fortunately had not spread,” he said.

“Taking that test absolutely saved my life.”

Overwhelmingly, women return more tests than men; however, men do have the highest rate of positive samples.

Women are also responsible for the majority of men who return their kits, nagging their husbands to take the test.

“The test is quick, it’s easy and the earlier you do it, the sooner you can be treated if need be,” said Prof Holtmann.

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Last updated 14 November 2019
Last reviewed 14 November 2019

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