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Stroke rehabilitation gets Micheal's life on track

13 September 2018

It’s a special day when a patient returns to Redland Hospital to say thank you and show off their amazing progress.

When Micheal Smith suffered a debilitating stroke in February this year, never did he imagine he would be walking through Macleay Ward during National Stroke Week last week thanking staff and showing just how fare he had come.

A/Director Speech Pathology Sarah Fulton said Micheal experienced significant difficulties communication and expressing himself following his stroke as well as difficulties with mobility and in the use of his arms.

“Micheal underwent eight weeks of intensive rehabilitation and while he continues to have difficulties finding the words to express himself we continue to give him support accessing outpatient therapy services and his at home program,” she said.

Micheal said he was extremely grateful for everything the staff at Redland Hospital had done for him and that he wanted to tell people during National Stroke Week.

“It’s very hard for people to understand you,” he said.

“Most people do not understand you or what you’ve been going through.

“It just makes it very difficult and I really want to scream most of the time because everything doesn’t work properly.”

Micheal said while it had been a difficult journey after his stroke, being able to walk into his back yard, look out over North Stradbroke Island and watch the boats go up and down was amazing.

He said he was also grateful to be able to return to some of his favourite hobbies including fishing.

“Micheal absolutely loves fishing and cooking; they were two of his favourite activities before coming into hospital so he has been determined to get back to those activities after his rehab so it has been lovely to see him going home, to be able to mobilise independently, to participate in social interactions at home and in his community as a result of his rehab stay,” Sarah said.

Last updated 21 September 2018
Last reviewed 13 September 2018

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