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Speech Pathology at PAH empowered and engaged

9 September 2022

PA Hospital Speech Pathology team have proven they are a standout for team culture, a commitment to teamwork and compassion for each other as well as their patients with extraordinary results achieved in last years Working for Queensland survey.

Director of Speech Pathology, Anna Farrell and the Senior Leadership team have pulled together the W4Q highlights reel of what makes Speech Pathology such an amazing team to be part of and how this is influencing patient care for the better.

Some of the key commentary from their unit report showed: very high engagement | job empowerment | strong team culture | compassion and commitment to quality care every day.

Anna said the previous WFQ results showed very high ratings for learning and development and innovation which speaks to a “continuous learning” and “growth mindset” culture within the team and data is used to inform their strategic/operational plan to target key initiatives for the year ahead.

“We are committed to learning from our consumers, being data-driven, and piloting new ways of delivering care to our patients and their families,” she said.

“Our standout feature is our commitment to teamwork and our compassion for each other, and our patients. We are immensely proud of our work in supporting our MDT colleagues to deliver expert care to our patients who have difficulty communicating, speaking, eating and/or drinking.

“We endeavour to foster a culture that is inclusive and supportive, and we value every team member for the contribution they bring…our new graduates, Clinical Assistants, and administration officers.”

Speech Pathology has a culture of clinical research and clinical education embedded within the team with a significant research portfolio and a number of clinicians undertaking PhDs in projects that are embedded in clinical services at PAH.

The PAH Speech Pathology team was also recognised in December 2021 by the statewide AH-TRIP (Translating Research into Practice) program as the statewide winner of the ‘Enabling Implementation’ award.

Anna’s tips for fostering very high engagement are an amazing foundation for any team looking to redefine satisfaction in their team’s contribution to the health of the community and strive for measurable improvements in their strategic plan.

As a leader who is continually learning, she encourages other teams to:

  • engage in open dialogue and share the staff survey data in open forums
  • encourage constructive feedback on how we can improve as well as connecting with your team regularly
  • celebrate every success and particularly celebrate great clinical outcomes delivered by your team
  • encourage your team to embrace continuous learning

“I think valuing compassion and kindness to each other and our patients is key.  We need to keep our focus on our 'why' and our purpose in delivering quality healthcare every day at PAH and learning from our experiences so we are always growing,” Anna said.

Last updated 13 September 2022
Last reviewed 9 September 2022

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