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Solar farm powering car park's electrical needs

27 May 2022

More than 300 solar panels have been installed on the rooftop of Logan Hospital’s new multi-level car park which will generate enough clean energy to run the car park and feed back into the power grid.

The 344-panel solar farm is expected to generate 230,000 kilowatt hours per annum -  well above the estimated 100,000 kWh needed to run the car park.

The remaining power will be fed back into the power grid, via a new high-voltage ring main being installed around the perimeter of the site.

The solar panels are part of a number of sustainability initiatives including the electric car charging stations and the inclusion of rainwater tanks on site.

And while many of us have had enough of the recent rain, the conditions are perfect for collection in the new Logan Hospital car park rainwater tanks.

The two, 10,000 litre tanks, are located at the Armstrong Rd hospital entrance side of the car park, collecting rain that is used for the End of Trip bathroom facilities and irrigation on the new landscaping.

Last updated 30 May 2022
Last reviewed 27 May 2022

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