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Social seniors at QEII Hospital

10 August 2018

A new project at QEII Hospital that provides older patients with the opportunity to socialise and take part in group walks, morning teas and lunches, is helping to improve their health.

Wellness Officer Kathie Terkes said the Care of the Older Person Project helped patients with dementia, delirium, declining mobility and acute confusion, to feel connected, engaged and motivated.

“Getting up and out of bed each day and having a friendly conversation over lunch is making a world of difference to our patients,” she said.

“It sounds so simple, but since starting this project we’re seeing amazing results. Our patients are happier, they're keeping active and eating more.”

Providing education and support to families, carers and staff was also a key part of the project.

“This project has brought nurses, doctors and allied health together to talk about the best way to care for these patients beyond medically treating their illness, injury or condition,” Ms Terkes said.

“Physical activity, social engagement and nutrition are as important as medication or surgery when it comes to maintaining their quality of life.”

Ms Terkes said the project would run until June 2019.

“I think we’ve helped create a few lasting friendships among our patients,” she said.

“It’s wonderful to see our work have such a positive impact.”

Last updated 10 August 2018
Last reviewed 10 August 2018

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