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Smells like team spirit at 5B

22 April 2024

A look inside QEII Hospital’s Ward 5B tells a story of indefatigable team spirit and unwavering commitment to patient outcomes in the face of a global pandemic. 

While the ward’s transformation from medical ward to Covid ward characterised much of the last four years, the team’s united front was here to stay. 

Dubbed QEII’s Covid-era superstars, the team’s collective dedication to their patients and colleagues over the last few years has culminated in an exemplary tale of resilience – and the March Partnering with Consumers Award. 

5B Nurse Unit Manager, Lucy Ludkin says the recognition is a testament to the team’s united vision for their patients. 

“I am so proud of the team that I am working with every day, from the nursing staff to cleaners, from the medical officers to allied health. We all work collaboratively together to achieve the optimal outcome for the patients. To see patients’ progress and staff striving to give so much and get so much job satisfaction back in return is amazing,” she said. 

With a career paved through various roles including in education, workforce, finance and various technology implementation projects, Lucy has managed her share of teams. But as she clocks in over a decade as NUM, Lucy says it is the diversity of experience and the team culture at 5B that fills her cup each day.

“I am always drawn back to being a medical NUM, as it’s something I'm really passionate about. It feels like I have a second family. It feels like a community, and support is everywhere.

“The nurses in 5B come from different clinical and cultural backgrounds, and we embrace our diversity and are all very keen to develop ourselves and challenge each other. All the nurses are committed, we trust each other, and we hold each other accountable,” she said.

It was in the peak of Covid that the team showed their unrelenting strength, thriving under mounting pressures and an unpredictable climate to deliver best patient outcomes. 

“During the peak of Covid, everyone here worked very hard every day. They are the frontline soldiers. 

“We also worked closely with infection control and many other areas of the hospital with a focus on holistic, patient-centred care, and that hasn’t changed. The patient is the centre of everything, it is what we are all here for.” 

While the weight of the pandemic starts to dissipate from the public consciousness and the hospital’s patient cohort, Lucy says the spirit of collaboration and patient-centred care at 5B endures. 

“We treat each patient as an individual with dignity and respect throughout their hospital stay. We share information with them, hear their story and their input on care delivery. It’s not just a nurse/patient relationship, it’s a dynamic, interactive and therapeutic relationship.”

Last updated 22 April 2024
Last reviewed 22 April 2024

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