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Small business delivers jobs for locals in time for Christmas

12 December 2017

Green Hand Carwash Cleveland has gained a valuable new employee through MAX Employment and Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services Integrated Employment Program.

Ben, 41, is feeling the Christmas cheer after securing a job with Green Hand Carwash, Cleveland.

After battling addiction through his late teens and early 20s, Ben has now been clean for 17 years. However, like one in four Australians, he has mental health concerns.

Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Casework Catherine Ingram is working with  Ben to help him manage stress and anxiety.

“We work to help Ben stay motivated and use anxiety management techniques so he can better handle stress,” she said.

Ben was referred by Catherine to MAX Employment Cleveland in June as part of an Integrated Employment Program (IEP).

IEP considers the recommendations of the treating team along with an individual’s strengths, skills, experience, and vulnerabilities to find jobs that can be safely and independently maintained.

When Cleveland Integrated Employment Consultant Erin Risely first met Ben, he was eager to find employment.

"We've worked with Ben to find a role that has structure and helped Ben to understand the needs of employers," she said.

Ben is in his element at his new job, working on the cars that come through Green Hand Carwash.

“It’s really good here, I like washing the cars, doing the wheels, using a chamois,” he said.

Ben is grateful for the support he has received from MAX, and the fast turnaround time in finding him a suitable job.

“MAX has been great, they were constantly looking at jobs for me and called me every time something came up that I might be interested in.”

Ben says that without regular meetings with both Catherine and Erin, he might not have been able to stay as optimistic.

“They helped me stay positive. I like having someone to talk to, someone that actually says ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ ”

Ben’s motivation also came from within.

“I’ve got to be doing something. When I’m sitting around I get bored and start falling back into my old ways.”

With Christmas less than nine weeks away, the future looks bright for Ben who is putting his earnings towards a car of his own.

Owner and manager of Green Hand Car Wash Kobus Kruger is pleased to have found a valued employee in Ben, just in time for the steady stream of Christmas customers that will start filling up the Cleveland shopping centre.

Photo courtesy of Max Employment, left to right: Bayside Mental Health Caseworker Catherine Ingram, MAX Integrated Employment Consultant Erin Risely, Green Hand Car Wash Owner Kobus Kruger and business partner Charl Grobbelaar with newly employed Ben Bradley.

Last updated 12 December 2017
Last reviewed 19 May 2017

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