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Secret door to Oral Health at Gundu Pa

31 January 2019

It’s no secret that the oral health service at Gundu Pa sees a lot of patients. In the first 12 months of service at the new Wynnum-Manly Community Health Centre, Gundu Pa, there were 10,800 occasions of service from the six-chair clinic which is an extraordinary effort from the dentists and technicians at the centre.

What is a little-known fact about the clinic at Gundu Pa is that it has secret doors to each of the treatment rooms providing access for paperwork and another for sterile supplies reducing the need to interrupt patient treatment.

Dental assistant at Gundu Pa, Darshak Kotadiys said the ‘secret’ cupboards provide a portal direct from the sterilised supply next door.

"The two-way cupboards reduce the number of people in the room, shortens the journey for sterile supplies and makes it a more comfortable and person-centred experience overall for our patients."

There was a lot of consultation within the dental team when the design was being developed and this is a small but functional example of consultation in action for our wonderful new facility at Wynnum.

Last updated 8 February 2019

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