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School Based Trainees - Where are they now?

11 March 2020

As Logan Hospital launches into its sixth year of hosting School Based Trainees we chat with former SBT Cassie Bedua, now an AIN in our very own Special Care Nursery.

What made you apply for a school based trainee position?
I applied for this school based trainee position because I always dreamt of being a nurse. I was doing a Cert II in Health support services at the time when they had told us that there were positions to be doing a Cert III in Individual Support and doing placement at the hospital. I thought this was my opportunity to follow my dreams. I honestly never thought I would chosen out of all the amazing people that applied for this position.

Were you always interested in a career in healthcare?
I have always wanted to become a nurse since I was little and I have always had a passion for being able to help people. Being in this traineeship helped me realise that this is really what I want to do as a career and it also helped me learn so many different things from many different experiences in different wards.

How did you find the process?
I found the process sometimes stressful but really enjoyable because being in Year 12 with another job at the time was very stressful with having to do a Cert, but I did get to learn many different things.

What did you enjoy about your training year with Metro South Health?
I enjoyed being able to learn and experience many different things in the wards. I enjoyed having this experience as it help me choose whether I wanted pursue this as a career.
What did you find challenging?
I found that doing a Certificate, having a job and being in Year 12 very difficult at times but I wouldn't change anything about it and I am glad that I have done it. The support that was given to us was amazing and they really helped all the trainees to push through and finish their Certificate.
Did it help you decide on what you want to do in the future?
Yes it did help me decide that this is what I want to do in my future. It was a great experience to know what its like being on floor and helping the nurses out. It has really helped me to know what I want to work towards.

Would you recommend this process to other students?
I would 110% recommend this traineeship to other students because even if you're unsure about wanting to be a nurse or not, you can experience what it is like being in a hospital and working alongside nurses.  This traineeship will help you experience and learn new things about becoming a nurse and help you decide whether to study further to become a registered nurse.

Where are you working now?
I am now working as an Assistant Nurse in the Special Care Nursery.

What are you enjoying about your role?
This role has made me realise where in the hospital I would like to work when I become a Registered Nurse. I really enjoy being around babies and learning all the things that they go through being premature. Although being an Assistant Nurse in the nursery doesn't involve a lot of patient care because they are babies, I still enjoy being around them and staff here teach me new things every day.

Do you have any other plans for further study?
Yes I do have plans for future study. I would really love to become a Registered Nurse but to specialise in Paediatrics. I hope to start a English bridging course soon, because I didn't do OP English, then to go straight to get my Bachelor of Nursing degree.

Last updated 7 May 2020
Last reviewed 11 March 2020

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