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Redlands Satellite Hospital is Officially Open

28 August 2023

Redlands Satellite Hospital is officially open!
In an historic moment Redland Bay local Martin Roxby has become the first patient treated at the new Redlands Satellite Hospital Minor Injury and Illness Clinic. 
Living nearby, Mr Roxby said he had watched the construction of the facility over the past year but never anticipated he would be the first through the doors. 
As a wild child and former motorbike test rider, Mr Roxby said he was no stranger to broken bones and it was exactly that, that landed him at the Satellite Hospital on Monday. 
Mr Roxby said he required a plaster cast after breaking his hand in an e-scooter accident over the weekend.
He joked about testing out so many of the facilities services in one visit, after visiting both medical imaging and the plaster room.
On a more serious note, Mr Roxby said the ability to receive so many services closer to home was game changing and made receiving treatment simpler. 
“It makes it very easy to come to one place for the whole treatment rather than having to drive all around with an injury,” he said. 
Mr Roxby, who cared for his elderly mother at home, said the convenience and security of having Redlands Satellite Hospital nearby kept him living in the area.  
“It really means the world to us to be able to access a facility that is just down the road,” he said.
A big thank you to Mr Roxby for allowing us to document his journey through the Minor Injury and Illness Clinic today and wish him all the best in his recovery.

Last updated 14 November 2023
Last reviewed 28 August 2023

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