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Redland Hospital has celebrated NAIDOC Week this year with the theme ‘Our languages matter’

3 July 2017

A/Facility Manager Heather Tyrrell said the theme aimed to emphasise and celebrate the unique and essential role that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages played in cultural identity, linking people to their land, and in the transmission of history, spirituality and rites.

National NAIDOC Committee Co-Chair Anne Martin said languages were the breath of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait languages are not just a means of communication, they express knowledge about everything; law, geography, history, family and human relationships, philosophy, religion, anatomy, childcare, health, caring for country, astronomy, biology and food,” she said.

“Each language is associated with an area of land and has a deep spiritual significance and it is through their own languages, that Indigenous nations maintain their connection with their ancestors, land and law.”

Last updated 2 August 2017
Last reviewed 24 July 2017

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