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QEII Senior Research Fellow to support nurses in new joint appointment

24 March 2023

Nurses at QEII are receiving renewed support to undertake research projects with the commencement of Senior Research Fellow for nursing, Dr Jayne Hewitt.

Based on campus, Jayne assists nursing staff in identifying potential research topics, conducting studies on campus, applying for grant applications, and connecting like-minded researchers.

“I’m really keen to find where nurses are at, at the moment, in regard to their research interests and whether or not they’re already undertaking research, or required to do some research in connection with a Masters or post graduate study.

“Even if they’ve just got any clinical issues that really bother them that they want to look into and try and change.”

On a joint appointment with QEII Department of Nursing and Griffith University, Jayne says there is so much scope throughout the hospital for research in this area.

“My job is to help nurses get a sense of what can be achieved through research and what’s involved in the process.

“I can help them to identify whether the issue or concern that they have is researchable, whether they can do some reading of the existing literature or connect them with nurses who may already be undertaking research into a similar topic,” she said.

Jayne is also passionate about connecting nurses with current clinical researchers from QEII

“I think that healthcare is a team sport and research is exactly the same,” she said. 

“Plus, research is more fun as a team!”

Jayne’s background is a Registered Nurse. Most recently, she has been a Senior Lecturer at Griffith University in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. She also has a legal background, teaching Law and Ethics and conducting research into the intersection of healthcare and law, particularly in the end-of-life space.

If you have a research project you would like support with, please contact Jayne on:

Phone: 3182 4873
Location: Demountable – Research Navigator’s Office

Last updated 24 March 2023
Last reviewed 24 March 2023

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