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QEII Nurses first in Australia to attend laparoscopy workshop

26 November 2019

For the first time in Australia, nurses have been invited to partake in a low fidelity laparoscopy simulation workshop, normally reserved for medical staff.

QEII Hospital Clinical Facilitator Perioperative Services, Anne Ford, said the workshop was a great opportunity for nurses to fully immerse themselves in the commonly used procedure.

“We wanted a way to provide nurses with insight to more readily appreciate the degree of difficulty laparoscopic surgery involves.

“Dr Damian Fry presented a workshop on the anatomy, procedure and possible emergency complications involved in laparoscopic surgery for Cholecystectomy and Appendectomy procedures and then the nurses were invited to practice using laparoscopic instruments in a clear simulation abdomen,” said Anne.

While the nurses will not perform surgery, the workshop has raised awareness to the difficulty surgeons may experience in these procedures.

“This knowledge will allow nurses to recognise when procedures are not going to plan, and support the surgeon as required,” Roslyn Martin, General Surgery Clinical Nurse said.

12 QEII nurses participated in the workshop, working in pairs to man the station and taking turns and using the equipment.

The template set by this workshop will be used for nurses in other metropolitan hospitals next year.

Last updated 26 November 2019
Last reviewed 26 November 2019

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