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PVC recycling trial turning culture around

2 July 2019

New PVC recycling bins in Logan Hospital’s Renal Unit will give staff the opportunity to turn culture, waste and the environment around.

Matt Brown from Environmental Services said the new PVC recycling stream was a pilot trial for Logan Hospital, making it the 17th hospital in Queensland to introduce this kind of recycling.

“This is so much more than just a bin,” Matt said.

“Not only does it mean we can now recycle items that were being thrown into general waste but it means we can help save the hospital money.”

Matt said the unit was already successfully recycling cardboard, medical and clinical waste and that these bins meant soft plastics including certain drip bags and tubing could now also be recycled.

“This is all about encouraging sustainable leadership and hopefully this becomes new best practice of waste recycling.”

Last updated 3 July 2019
Last reviewed 2 July 2019

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